Redress Of Grievances

  In theory we are suppose to have redress of grievances. In theory, a corporation or other body of fiction, is treated as a real person, to have the same "rights" and "liabilities" as a real person. We are suppose to have equality: that no one is to receive deferential or special treatment. That is not the case. Take the entity of fiction: Children & Youth. For argument, lets call Children & Youth, Uncle Billy. After all, this entity of fiction (represented by agents within) becomes a real person within the eyes of the law. Why Uncle Billy? Because of the nepotism and other political relatives. The courthouse and/or governing body of a county is a clan-ship or modern version of a feudal tenure.

  This is what happened. I filed many papers. Like hitting a locked door. I have no redress or grievances, I guess not part of the clan. Last year I filed for custody against Uncle Billy, who had my daughter, and the mother. The Master's Office sent my petition back, with a sticky note attached, saying I was not allowed to file for custody against Uncle Billy. I went to the courthouse, made an appointment to speak with the Master's Office. When I arrived at the time scheduled, the office was empty. I went to the Prothonatary's Office and asked questions why the docket was altered and did not reflect who I listed as defendants. I asked why Uncle Billy was not added as a defendant? Pam, one of the clerks, said she didn't know, that she was only doing her job as she was trained. I mentioned that I reviewed the law and could not find any law, case precedent or rule of court that said I could not file for custody against Uncle Billy. Again Pam repeated that she was only doing things as she was trained. The record was sanitized and did not list Uncle Bully as a defendant. Furthermore, my action did not receive its own, separate, docket number. (For all intent and purpose, no record exists that I ever filed for custody to get my daughter, but I did.)

  By the way, my filing fee was non-refundable.



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