(Update to follow) For now, this is a typical disclaimer; relying on the intent, purpose and relevant aspects of what the word means within such a context. I present my views on how to reform domestic relations and what are the reasons for the current situation. At my age, 48, I have learned one thing very well, "government" is not a friend of the people. Courthouse? Majestic Halls Of Plunder. As the twin towers of the World Trade Center crumbed down, so to has our freedoms, by terrorists of equal capacity. As the dust settles, the ruins presents its image of a new millennium and the re-birth of the 13th century for "government" has evolved back to what it once was in archaic Europe, that of predator having prime directive of self-preservation apart from the host. With so much nepotism abounding, it indeed has evolved into a species unto itself forever hungry and multiplying. The usual disclaimer has you seeking the advice of an attorney. Do that if you think wise. Make your own decisions. If you're reading this then check out other web sites for comparison.

Anthony R. Stanziola

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Updated: 12-22-2001