Diaper Dan

Short Summary For Now

  On 12-01-2001, after three months of waiting, I had a short visit with my daughter as described on a different page. (Click Here)

  Carolyn was holding my daughter. As I walked towards her, one of the first things she said that my daughter was now "potty trained". For those who came to supervise the visit, what ever they thought of that remark, the following is my version.

  So, this is the story of Diaper Dan. (aka Carolyn)

  Last year, shortly before "unsupervised" visits started, I purchased a child's potty chair, pictured below. My goal was to get my daughter, as they say, potty trained as soon as possible. You see, a diaper, relevant to child custody, is a dirty weapon, quite literally.

  From the first time I saw my daughter on 07-21-2000, (when she was 11 months old), then during the various stages of "supervised visits", I was examining Carolyn for any possible threats to my goal in obtaining custody.

  Then, on 12-09-2000, the first time I had "unsupervised" visits, when I arrived at Carolyn's home to see my daughter, it became clear Carolyn was a threat with both statements and what I seen. (That will be covered in a different section.)

  Before I continue, another aspect of my daughter's health is mentioned. Carolyn had a sick house that was making my daughter sick. (My daughter's respiratory system was sensitive.) What is a sick house? Having mold, mildew, fungus or a host of other things. Carolyn's house is over 80 years old in moderate condition. Also, she had a high volume of transient residents staying there since she was also caring for teenage boys via foster care. The picture below was taken at Carolyn's home during my second, "unsupervised" visit last year. (I made a point to take such pictures in case I needed them later on.) Carolyn was holding my daughter's hand. My daughter's nose was always stuffed with buggers. Prior to that, during the preceding four months, each time I seen my daughter she had some sort of health problem or injuries. (Those pictures will be seen on a different page.) By late January of this year, Carolyn became aware she had a sick house. I wrote my concerns to the social worker. What did she do? All of a sudden, in the middle of winter, started painting, changing rugs, having their one dog destroyed, getting the chimney cleaned...

  You see, they never thought it would get as far as "unsupervised" visits. What do you do? When you have no dirt, invent dirt. Carolyn had the motive, means and opportunity. This is where the diaper comes into play. As mentioned, I wanted to get my daughter potty trained quickly. At the same time Carolyn was holding back from potty training because she needed my daughter in diapers during the unsupervised visit stage. Goal? To make it look like I wasn't caring for my daughter. Yes, goal? Evidence. What evidence? Need to make my daughter get a red bottom then blame the father.

  Besides having a child wearing diapers, Carolyn needed to get it dirty and cause desired results. You have no idea how many times I picked up my daughter for a visit and she was suffering from chronic diarrhea. Carolyn was feeding my daughter a large amount of grapes before I would pick her up. (The grape skins were in the diaper.) Or other ways to manipulate the diet? How about frozen, uncooked waffles?

  Then there is fluoride treatments. Fluoride can be used to create moderate, controlled diarrhea; giving a child a few extra drops. (Call any poison control center and ask what the overdose symptoms are for fluoride.) It wasn't until I complained to the doctor, wrote a certified letter, in part, demanding fluoride be stopped, then all of a sudden my daughter was having normal bowel movements. Coincidence?

  Earlier this year, on March 03, 2001, I faxed a letter to the social worker complaining about Carolyn's sick house as a counter claim. At that time, again, I was also complaining about Carolyn calling herself "momma" to my daughter in front of me. That Carolyn and/or Amanda were too emotionally attached.

  By late April I was trying to get my daughter to the training pants stage. I mentioned to Carolyn the progress I was making with potty training. What did Carolyn do? (That will be posted shortly.)

  Conclusion: Relevant to this short summary, these foster people, drunk with greed and lust, will resort to such tactics to get someone's child. All with the blessing of Children & Youth.


Updated: 12-09-2001