Displaced Aggression

  During a recent hearing, my one lawyer, in regards to a statement I made in a past correspondence, asked me what I meant by "displaced aggression". First, the pictures below were taken in August of 1976 at the Allentown Fair Grounds, Pa. They are the "before" pictures, prior to event.

  At that point in time, starting in 1974, it seemed as if my whole life was being torn apart. Fiasco with a marriage and divorce, obligations with military service, responsibilities with a business, ever escalating feud with local politics, financial strains, recent trial a few months earlier being sued via bogus lawsuit that was used in vindictive attempt to force me out of business. (Click Here) The combined stress and aggravation was starting to have its effect. The previous two years were were terrible. So, I needed a diversion and got involved in the demolition derby circuit for a several years.

  Before I begin, we all try ways to manage stress. Some people, the smart people, take up contact sports such as boxing, football, or other forms of physical exertion as jogging to burn off negative energy. Even watching sports programs, yelling at the television, seems to work for certain people. Without realizing it, most people drive their car to relieve stress coming home from work: drive aggressively, in a hurry going nowhere, in a controlled space for the power rush. Pass one or two cars along the way, music playing, yelling at the car in front of us, by the time you get home you feel better. Successful, low cost therapy.

  At that point in my life I needed a release, a diversion from the severe mounting pressures. Demolition derby is a dangerous sport. Gladiator type of hostility. For me, then, it was necessary. To burn off negative energy in a controlled and acceptable manner.

  In this particular derby, the Cole brothers, who operated a business in Hazleton, sponsored me as driver and donated the car: 1968 Mercury. An article appeared in the local paper in the sports section. By this time I had amassed a fan club having a caravan of people attending each event.



Updated: 11-30-2001