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  This speaks about denial. Sorry to say, but Children & Youth are like a drug addict: in denial to their addiction. Like a drug addict, at first a few bags a week gets them high. Then a few more bags. Instead, its the children. A few more each week to obtain the same sense of gratification and craving for power. Like a drug addict, they convince themselves of the "need" at hand. After all, nothing like asking a fellow drug addict if its alright. (As for Bucks County, on the 54th day of 2000, my daughter became case docket #27. Average one child every two days. If that trend stayed constant for the rest of the year, over 182 children were grabbed. Multiply that 67 counties, over 12, 250 children throughout the State of Pennsylvania. Multiply that by 50 states, over one half million children in one year. Or, 1, 500 children per day nation wide. Yes, deprive fathers of "rights" and we can create a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Catholic ideology must be considered by a bureaucrat as a manna from heave-n.

  Too much money to be made. Too many jobs that need the "need". As for denial? As I said many times, where is the nearest shelter or half-way house for unwed fathers? More lucrative to expand the foster family network.

    What about agencies like The United Way? They claim to be a firm believer in non-discrimination. Give me a bag, I want to puke.

  Example: Last summer, 2000, Donna Marie Swire was in Berks County Prison. There, they have a program called "Mother's Voice" that allows a female inmate, free of charge, to make an audio tape recording then it is mailed, free of charge, to the child(-ren). In this case, she read a story. The tape and the book were mailed to my address.

  Inside the package was a cover letter signed by the director and on the face of the letter was the United Way logo. I wrote a letter to her about the apparent discrimination towards male inmates. I asked, What about the father's voice? Isn't the father's voice important? To be fair, impartial and non-discriminatory, the program should be called "Parent's Voice". Non-gender specific. (But that's part of the catholic Mary Cult at work. Click Here.)

  I received a reply. Her rationale to explain things away? Male inmates are given other programs such as helping them find jobs. Why? So they can pay "support"? Having a nameless, faceless wallet with legs?

  I will post the letter I received.

Back Of The Bus

  On 12-22-2001, I had my third "supervised" visit with my daughter at the Lehigh Valley Mall. The chaperon, Denise, seems like a nice lady. Kind, courteous, respectful... She mentioned being employed with Children & Youth for ten years. I told her that I was involved in union politics before the pregnancy changed things. (I consider myself an activist and professional critic of both religion and politics as The Man Of Many Letters.) Denise is African-American and should be proud of what her race has had to endure at the hands of such groups as Christian slave owners. I mentioned to her: "It was people like me that became activists to end segregation." I also stated, look how it was, down south, many years ago; when it was taken as custom, the unwritten rule, that niggers went to the back of the bus. Every day, countless, everyday white people took their dignified positions on the bus and became accustomed to the seating arrangement. Would a single white male stand up on a crowded bus and give his seat to a Negro female? Do that and the bus took a detour, dropping you off at the nearest mental hospital. How was that type of segregation diminished? Did you write a letter to a local official and all of a sudden they saw the light? No. Open defiance, resistance and much more. One case prompted a movie titled, Mississippi Burning, brought the realism of how dangerous it was attempting to change things.


  What can I say? Children & Youth act like the Ku Klux Klan and the fathers are the new niggers forced to sit at the back of the bus.

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