Declaration Of Defiance

First Draft

Introduction: The above picture is a printing press. The name of the press? If you look close, the name is: Defiance. The invention of the printing press, in its day, was feared by European bureaucrats as a terrorist weapon against the status quo. A battering ram to break down the walls of ignorance. To be a freethinker is to be labeled a dangerous man within a bureaucratic world. That is why, by amendment, protecting both the printing press and arms, were vital to a free society.

  So, I begin. Only a man, postured in defiance, is worthy to use the term, Independence. The birth of a nation, like the birth of a child, is violent and bloody. For now, we will look at one statement of defiance: the Preamble of the Pennsylvania Constitution.


We, the people of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, grateful to Almighty God for the blessing of civil and religious liberty, and humbly invoking His guidance, do ordain and establish this Constitution.

  Who wrote these words? It was the anti-catholics, the protestors (aka Protestants), the heretics. Most people today have no idea the significance and impact of this statement. It was men like Martin Luther, during the time when his version of the Internet was invented, the printing press, who took a step and denounced half of catholic bureaucracy when, in effect, told the Pope what to do with his stick.

  The Preamble reeked with defiance: both to the King of England and to the Vatican. Saying in effect, "We don't need you, nor want you, we claim right to lay hands on ourselves and ordain this Commonwealth by the sanction of God Almighty alone."

  It was the heretics who defied the bureaucracy of Europe to embrace the concept of inherent rights of the species. To say to the bureaucrats, the peddlers of privilege, take your license, your fancy scribble, and recycle your trash as toilet paper.

  The bulk of this page will be added shortly.

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Updated: 02-09-2002