The Morning Call Newspaper refused to have my ad placed in their classified section. This is the fax I sent to the Classified Department.

  On 12-28-2001, traveling about 48 miles one way, I drove down to the main office of the Morning Call, entered their building and attempted to place the ad in person. I brought along the Citizens' Voice newspaper so they could see the ad for themselves. Again I was denied. Everyone I talked to, however brief, was polite and courteous. One lady, Penny, who worked for the legal notices, more or less was given the task as spokesperson, approached me in the lobby to discuss the matter. After she made a few phone calls from the receptionist's desk, she informed me that it was a management call to deny the ad. I asked to speak to someone in management. She said they had the day off. All of them? I thanked her for her time and left.

Fax Letter


ATTN: Dawn

  Date: 12-24-2001

To: Supervisor

  The Morning Call

  Classified Ad. Dept.

  P.O. Box 1260

  Allentown, PA 18105


From: Anthony R. Stanziola

  (One Highland Village)

  R.R. 1 Box 1275

  Freeland, Pa 18224





Dear Supervisor:

  1. On this date, the 24th, early in the morning I called your office to place an ad. Dawn was the spokes person. She was very polite and courteous.

 2. By that afternoon, I was informed that my request was denied. Dawn said her department looked at the web site and felt they shouldn't place the ad.

 3. Would you please send me a written explanation.

 4. What I consider as fact, men are discriminated against as a class based on sex and marital status. Also, there is too much domestic violence. Too many dead bodies. Why?

 5. I blame the intrusion of catholic ideology into government affairs. As I have repeated throughout my web site, in a catholic utopia, like a prison; on a board game of privilege, people have no "rights" in the domestic setting, only leave to seek privilege. As for catholic ideology? The "Marriage License" and the "Acknowledgment Of Paternity" form. Archaic tools from the Catholic Inquisition that are still used in the new millennium. Typical of the so called Mother Church to silence her critics.

 6. If my web site and/or its contents are inappropriate, then please explain what method should be used to diminish domestic violence and promote equity? I am all ears.

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 7. Have your attorney draft a legal opinion claiming, for example, that the "Acknowledgment Of Paternity" form does not violate the Constitution, endorsed with signature and send me a copy. Let me respond. (I'd rather do it in public, out in the open, in the light of day.)

 8. Question: How many people employed at your paper have adopted children? How about yourself? How many politicians? How many police officers? Your conscience might not sleep well knowing that an adopted child, now a member of the paper's family, was willfully severed from its parents using unscrupulous means so someone can have a fantasy fulfilled.

 9. I argue this is one of the main reasons news agencies are reluctant to print information as found on my web site. Consider it hypothetical, but if Children & Youth have been, in fact, abducting and redistributing babies for profit and to further the ranks of the catholic fold, then it would seem wise to hand out select babies to those who are suppose to investigate and prosecute the very crimes against humanity. How could an assistant district attorney prosecute Children & Youth when he/she received a child from the same agency?

 10. I allege of knowing one father who was murdered to facilitate an adoption. His name was Joseph Sabia from Hazleton. The child, Tasha, was adopted. If it was proven, would that nullify the adoption? Think of the scandal. Think of the political embarrassment. And so on.

 11. I am posting a copy of this fax letter on my web site.

 12. The year was 2000. Leslie R. Giannini committed murder-suicide. Six months before, he submitted an editorial to your paper that was published on 10-21-1999. How many more dead bodies, how big the heap, before domestic relations shakes off its catholic fleas and postures itself according to the Constitution and not Vatican scribble? In Leslie's editorial, he said that words were never his strong point. I don't have that problem.


  Anthony R. Stanziola

  (One Highland Village)

  R.R. 1 Box 1275

  Freeland, Pa 18224


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