Covert Operations

  Tentative posting. I'm still working on a final draft. Anyway, a question. Is Children & Youth part of the CIA?

  Do you realize that they have a non-traceable phone system? What is that? Take Doylestown, Pa. A social worker can be sitting at their desk to make a call. The call travels about two miles to the courthouse, going thought a central phone hub, then on its way. At the other end, as the phone rings, a number appears on the Caller ID. What number? Try calling it back. You get the operator at the courthouse. Ask who made the call at such and such a time and the reply? "I have no idea".

  I have another question: Who is "Group 3"?

 The letter below is a fax. But what is missing? The fax header across the top that gives the date, time, phone number or identity of who faxed. During the past 18 months or more, Children & Youth has sent me faxes. At the top of each page, like a normal fax, a header would appear. That has changed. Because of a recent incident on 09-14-2001, when they made a mistake, to correct the matter sanitize their fax transmission so they are non-traceable like their phone calls. The above picture is from my fax journal print out. Now, Children & Youth identify themselves as "Group 3". Also, there is no signature on this fax. A cover sheet was sent but no header or date appears either. Of this particular document, it was sent on the date shown on the face of the fax. For a related story to the first paragraph, Click Here. But first, read on.


  Did you ever hear of a Sunshine Law? We need one for domestic relations. I am disclosing personal information because it gives the general public an inside view to a dark cave. Because I dare challenge the status quo, they retaliate. They can't discredit my argument so, instead, try to discredit me as a person. How? Sending me to Shrink-Ville. So far, as retaliation this is the list: Starting last year, first I see Shrink #1, who gives me a good report so I can see my daughter. Then they want more testing by Shrink #1. I wait several months and nothing happens. All of a sudden they say arrangements are made with Shrink #2. Nothing happens, he's a no show and I waste five months. Then I file a motion for a hearing. They tell the judge that more testing is needed so they schedule me to see Shrink #3. He gives another favorable report and recommends that I get "immediate custody". At a hearing on 05-29-2001, they want me to go back to Shrink #1 for more testing. I wait and nothing happens. Because I wrote a letter to Bucks County Commissioners requesting an investigation, they retaliate and, in a sneak attack, suspend my visitation for the second time. (Click Here for story. Click Here to read what I wrote to the Commissioners.) Another hearing is scheduled. Papers sent to the court has Shrink #4 scheduled to do the next evaluation. I call Shrink #4 and tells me he's on sick leave and is not available. (From his conversation he said they knew this.) So, after one last minute cancellation, the hearing is re-scheduled for 11-17-2001. At that hearing Shrink #5 is called into action to conduct an evaluation, scheduled for 12-12-2001. But, mysteriously, she calls and claims she got sick. So then Shrinks #6 and #7 are suppose to conduct a duel evaluation. I get a call today that they can't so now I am, at least tentatively, suppose to see Shrink #8 on 12-12-2001.

  Update: I was notified that the "evaluation" is scheduled for two days next month, on the 14th and 21st of 01-2002.

  If this keeps up, please...someone send me the e-mail address for the Genius Book. Am I getting close to a record?

  Anyway, in a few days I should have this section finished. Maybe when I update this page I'll be up to Shrink #379. Could that be the record?

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