Just In The Nick Of Time

  As for more intrigue, after Attorney Williams helped the court, esp. Linda C. Fredericks, make the DNA test results disappear, the court was stalling me for months, blocking my attempts to submit the proper paperwork to Vital Records so the Birth Certificate could be amended. When things could not be stalled any longer, Children & Youth came out of the bushes, seized my daughter from Donna, to make things look good tossed her in a psychiatric ward, planned to sneak into court without notifying me, gain temporary custody then have me arrested on some sort of terroristic threat charges. My daughter was seized on 02-23-2000. The next morning, on 02-24-2000, a man called, as an anonymous tip, telling me what happened. I called Children & Youth. That call changed their plans. They were going to have me arrested before any hearing for temporary custody. Now in a panic, sent a petition by fax to the court and a hearing was scheduled for the next day, on 02-25-2000, at 9:00 am. The hearing lasted about four minutes. (The details of what happened after the hearing will be posted on another page.)

  The pictures below are of my daughter's birth certificate. Take a look at the first one. Look at the filing date. A few hours after the hearing on 02-25-2000, Vital Records amended their records on the same day. Yes, just in the nick of time to sneak into court and utilize a birth certificate that listed no father on record. Yes, a few hours before the birth record was amended.


Enlarged View

  Below is a picture of the first birth certificate listing no father of record. In a different page, I refer to this because the court said the reason why they used "BABY SWIRE" on the petition was that the child had no name at that time. Dates seem to contradict that written statement.

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