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  Question: Why would I want to raise my daughter as a Christian? What benefit would she receive? Truck load of "morality"?

  This page talks about marriage. I often wonder why Christians make such a fuss about getting married in a "church" before all the pomp and ceremony.(*) What is the divorce rate today? I hear statistics that three out of four marriages end in divorce within less than five years.

  As a society, indoctrinated to be consumers as our primary function in life, we are troth fed on a diet of hype that we need a whole assortment of fantasy fulfillments, not realizing that we have been dooped, rushing to spend money we don't have, via credit cards, so in the end the thought of event gets lost in the lingering trail of financial strategy trying to juggle the payments; as fond memories are submersed by trying to balance the house budget. Little children are stuffed with fantasy stories of Queen This-One and Princess That-One, who are rescued by the Night in shining armor: Prince Here-He-Comes. Underneath the commercialization of marriage, the wedding gown quest, worn on that "special day" for that "special person", is, as they say, fifteen minutes of fame. It seems preparing for the event, and bragging how much money spent, is more to the enrichment of the moment than the brief climatic "ceremony" at the alter. (Throwing rice must be symbolic for all the money tossed into the coffer.)

  Everybody is familiar with the phrase, "Until death do us part". It seems, to a Christian, meaningless noise. What does that phrase mean? What does that phrase really say when spoken by a Christian?

  Take the word "death", five letters, and re-arrange them. The phrase now reads, "Until hated do us part". Spoken this way would pronounce the intent. I know, I know, Christians are such an honest bunch of people.

  So, being vulgar for a moment, the next time Christians get married, as they stand before that "sacred" spot, the happy couple, in unison, should pull their pants down, as they face the audience, and let the other end of their alimentary canal resound like a good fart that lingers for a short while and soon forgotten.

  Take offense? Good. Face reality. Say what you mean and let the wondrous harmony echo the halls in all its splendor.

  As for myself, I am not going to be forced into accepting a sub-standard form of morality. Soon, in less than a month, I would of celebrated my 28th wedding anniversary. (As I have stated in a different section of this site, I married the same woman twice within six months and we lived together two months, non consecutive. A year later divorced. Click Here.)

  As for my belief, my adherence to Scripture, I took an oath before my "God" who became the repository of my oath: until death do us part. I made a promise more to my "God" than I did to my wife. To me, quite simple to interpret as literal. Period. Divorcee (which I didn't want) only freed me from the financial responsibility towards my wife: of her food, shelter and clothing. But that did not free me from the oath itself. My wife left me, I did not leave her: actually, we were torn apart because of religious bigotry.

  Shy a few weeks, for that last 28 years I have taken no other as "wife". Bound to my oath, bound to my faith, I cannot re-marry so long as my wife lives (may she live a thousand years).

  For those reading this, I had a simple goal in life: hopefully to fall in love, get married and raise a family; to experience the joy of living as a couple and sharing the wonder of bringing children into the world and the interaction of a family unit. Things that never were.

  Am I wrong to say that Christians trade in spouses as easy as purchasing a new pair of shoes?

  Recently I went to the State Law Library in Harrisburg. Pa, researching old laws. Surprising to discover, in Pennsylvania, one of the first laws that used a "license" was the regulation of rum in taverns, circa 1701. The way I see it, a license is synonymous with commerce. It that was a "marriage" has become, yet another THING to be commercialized? No wonder bureaucrats claim we need a license. On such a setting, no wonder marriages are doomed to fail. View of bureaucrats? The more times people get married the more money they can make; good for business and commerce, as people buy all the trinkets surrounding a marriage. Then they reap the destruction of their efforts by confiscating children for more profit.

  Question: My daughter has been in kinder-prison since birth. I wonder how much money she has generated for the Bucks County treasury? It is said that a court should be non-biased. How can that be? A court's decision has a direct effect on the county's profit. From my limited research, since 02-23-2000, said county made over $65,000 in profit on one child.

 (*): We here so much about precedent. Where did the tradition of getting married in a "church" come from? Where is that written? The Messiah condemned the bureaucrats of making the Word on none effect by their traditions of men. Where is the evidence that the Messiah or one of his disciples, or apostles, ever conducted a marriage by their need to act as mediator to solemnize one? As written, the Messiah was invited to a wedding feast. (Click Here.) As a guest, no doubt he condoned what took place by his presence. He turned water into wine but felt no need to turn two people into a couple. That was already done before he arrived. ("Sin" was something that needed a mediator. Is marriage "sin"? As I mentioned in an e-mail to the Bucks County Commissioners, Click Here, I take a fresh view on what happened with Adam and Eve.

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