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Special Note: Attorney Lisa Ann Horne, Guardian Ad Litem of Bucks County, it seems, likes to take my pictures out of context as does Attorney Brad Jackman. No doubt she would download the picture, do a little editing, run over to the courthouse and show a judge what she sees as something other than intended. Oh well.

First Draft

  The picture above is Mike Fisher, Attorney General of Pennsylvania. It is a re-creation, kind-of, that appeared on the local television station, on 02-13-2002. I'll explain shortly.

  For the last several weeks I was working on a letter addressed to the Attorney General's Office in Harrisburg, Pa, giving notification of a Constitutional challenge relevant to my custody case. Spent many hours on the final draft.

  However, on 02-13-2002, "Ash Wednesday", Channel 16, WNEP TV, on their six o-clock news, had a story of a big drug bust in the Bloomsburg area. There was Mr. Fisher, accompanied with one of his lieutenants, standing at a podium while he was giving a press conference. Like Mr. Fisher, his lieutenant also had dirt on his head.

  Big impression that made. I decided not to send the notification. For what?

  Think of it for a moment, I wonder what his main office at Strawberry Square, in Harrisburg, looked like that day? Everybody walking around, like dot-heads, as if there was a Hindu convention, catholic-style. I wonder how many former alter-boys are now his lieutenants?

  Maybe I should still send the letter, addressed to the circular file.


  The picture above shows President Bush with the Pope. I remember seeing the news footage, how Bush's posture was like a kindergarten boy, after school, getting yelled at by the principle for being naughty. How pathetic. As for the picture itself, you have to understand the symbolic nature of catholic logic. Bush is sitting on the Pope's right, a place of submission. What do you think those two guys are doing standing behind the chairs?

  When former President Reagan greeted the Pope, he kissed the sucker's ring. That is a very symbolic, like surrender and total submission. By the way, shortly after the "Civil War", the Vatican dedicated "Mary" as the defender of the United States.

  Now I hear the Mayor of New York accepted an honorary knighthood from the Queen of England. We had a bloody war to break off the yoke of bondage and now, our "leaders", by their action, might as well go to Arlington National Cemetery and piss on the graves of all those who died for nothing.

  I'll be adding more shortly.

  But for now, Click Here to read about the worst mistake I ever made in my life. Also, read the Declaration Of Defiance, Click Here.

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