The Loving Foster Mommy

  Introduction: I had unsupervised visits with my daughter and the matter of "custody" was to be finalized on 05-29-2001. Two days before, on the 27th, I brought my daughter back from an overnight stay and arrived at Carolyn's home, on time, shortly before 7:00 pm. Afterwards, at around 10:15 pm, Carolyn and her daughter, Amanda, took my daughter to the emergency room at the local hospital and claimed my daughter had a bruise on her bottom and that I "smacked" my daughter. (Very slick to invent dirt two days before the hearing.) Click Here to read story.

  Today, 12-08-2001, I had my second visit at the Lehigh Valley Mall. When Carolyn brought my daughter, the first thing I noticed was my daughter's nose. The picture below was taken today, 12-08-2001. Her right nostril was packed with dried blood and her left nostril stuffed with buggers. These picture are very embarrassing for me but necessary so the community can see what goes on inside Children & Youth. Can't the foster mother clean her nose before a visit? My daughter said she fell on the sidewalk. Carolyn played dumb and said she didn't know what happened.

  Before I continue, because Children & Youth is a female dominated agency, assuming to be the saviour of children, when a foster mother neglects a child in such a manner, every excuse is contrived to explain things away. However, if a father did this, then look out, calling the governor to activate the national guard while we rush to the emergency room pretending to be so upset.


  This picture was taken last summer, during the time I had "supervised" visits and shortly before unsupervised visits began. This is how Carolyn brought my daughter for a visit, bringing her to the main office of Children & Youth. Carolyn said my daughter fell because the "child is active". She had a large bruise on her lower lip.



Updated: 12-08-2001