Best Interest Of The Child

  This section has been a struggle for the last several months trying to research all the various laws and court cases as the phrase was developed.

  In the mean time, I quote from the Act of 13th, March, 1815, Pamph. p.150, in relevant part:

  "Whereas, the divine precepts of the Christian religion, the promotion of the best interests of human happiness, the design of marriage, and the object of parties entering into the marriage state, require that it should continue during their joint lives...." (Emphasis added.)

  When this page is completed, I will argue that from the beginning, the phrase "best interest of the child" was formed and used with the direct opposite intentions. Used by catholic bureaucrats during the Inquisition as means to exterminate any clan, or man, or group of men, that held beliefs contrary to the Catholic Church. Used during the same time to confiscate and plunder the lands. Used to promote slavery and weaken a given nation.

  Look at the above quote from the law of 1815. We have a clear violation of the separation of church and state as the law is biased towards the then given version of Christianity, assuming, that people can only be happy if they comply to their understanding of "divine precepts of the Christian religion". Click Here to read the missing Preface, in part, clearly gives evidence that comprehension of Scripture is not static, but evolving as technology and science enhanced man's knowledge of the universe, both on a cosmic level, down to the base level such as with things the human eye could not see until invention of the microscope.

  In 1815, it was the heretics who wrote this law: the anti-catholics, the protestants. On the same level with catholic bureaucrats: hypocrites and bigots for they first claim to uphold "marriage" and then go about, for political and financial ends in a class-structured society, to undermine the same.

  This page will be coming shortly. For now, something to think about.


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Updated: 02-03-2002