This web site, some may say, reeks with negative religious statements. Historically, religion is a nasty business and cause for much controversy. So, I apologize if the subject matter in this site offends, but I do not detract from it use. The movie, Braveheart, staring Mel Gibson as William Wallace, should be familiar to most if not seen by many. When I first saw the movie, I could not help but find a connection with the personal tragedy I went through 27 years ago. What was I looking at? From the movie, Wallace is born during a time when "government" was not a friend of the common man. Fleeing as a child, he comes back as a young man to his home town to marry his childhood sweetheart while insisting to stay out of politics; desiring to tend his land, trade and razing a family. Seems like he wanted to be a simple man. But then shortly after getting married in secret, certain bureaucrats had to mess with his wife and killed her.

  I could say the love he had for his wife turned into rage against those who devastated his life. What else to do but start a war.

  His "attitude"? They say there are at least four stages of grief. The final stage is acceptance which leads to closure. Grief has no set time limit to the overall process let alone to the various stages. Take John Walsh, most should have seen his television show. He was devastated by losing a child. Both men started a war to deal with their grief. So did I. It could be said that men like Wallace or Walsh, are not "normal" (if there is such a thing).

  Most men, I guess the "normal" ones, when they lose a child in a custody battle, give up before the fight begins and, while spewing out bar-room philosophy, numbing themselves with drink, try to explain away their indifference and defeat with catchy slogans such as, "You can't win...everyone knows why even try..."

  It should be obvious that within the domestic setting, men are discriminated against as a class based on sex and marital status in a big, big way. Why? Who or what do I blame? I accuse religion. Unless you can come up with a better reason, I continue.

  As I will repeat time and again throughout this web site, we are suppose to have a separation of church and state, at least in theory but written as Constitutional Amendment.

  Update will follow. But for now, I proceed to expose what I consider to be a direct threat to family.

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Updated: 12-27-2001