Supplement One

  Subject: The Field Trip

  Date: 01-15-2002

  I took a trip to Harrisburg today and spent time at the State Law Library collecting research material for this topic. (It will take me a few weeks to finalize the first draft.) With the use of a State Library Card, was able to take several books home, not counting the making copies of laws dating back to 1885 and older.

  The first picture is a slogan over the archway entering the State Law Library.

  State Law Library Logo


 The next picture is the first page of one book, 931 pages, published 1939, I took home for research. It seems it will provide excellent background material.

  What was gleaned so far: I copied one section from Purdon's Digest -- 1700 to 1853, published 1856. (I will post a complete copy shortly.)

  1. Marriages back then were quite different and quite simply. No need for a marriage "license". In relevant part, "All marriages not forbidden by the law of God, shall be encouraged..."

  2. What was going on between 1884 and 1885 that laws governing marriage, in place since 1710, all of a sudden people were now compelled to need a "marriage license" as enacted in 1885?







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