Another Sneak Attack

  This section concerns a hearing that was held on 09-14-2001, when my visitation was suspended for the second time since 03-01-2000.

Summary, Part One

  After Children & Youth seized my daughter, on 02-23-2000, a few months later I was informed by several people, one a ranking officer of Children & Youth in Luzerne County, Hazleton branch, that, so to speak, there was never going to be a "Plan A". (There are two basic plans. (a) To transfer "custody" to the father, and (b) have my daughter placed of adoption.)

  So, the carrot-on-the-stick maneuver was engaged. Part of this is create a "record" that Children & Youth is doing all they could to transfer "custody" with me, and, at the same time, behind the scenes, do everything they could to make the plan fail. In that respect, "Plan A" is a diversion for "Plan B". As a matter of defense, I had to use the same tactic: on the one hand, play along like I was stupid and follow the carrot while, at the same time, building a bridge around their diversion.

  Such a smoke screen incorporates many tactics. The first, a basic one, is commonly known as the "war of attrition" as you attempt to wear out your opponent financially, emotionally and physically; to make things as difficult as possible and make the father look as though he abandoned the race so Children & Youth can say, "Its not our fault, we were trying so hard for the father to get his child but he walked away". (If a father throws in the towel, so to speak, they win. The sooner the better.)

  As mentioned in other parts of this site, a hearing was scheduled several months ago, on 05-29-2001, that I was to finally get "custody". (Click Here to see the Order drafted by Children & Youth.) I was already informed that it was ploy, without sincerity. (Throughout this ordeal, I had several people assist by violating "confidentiality". For a short while there was a mole inside Children & Youth.

  Starting on 12-15-1998, shortly after Donna got pregnant, I have generated well over 25,000 pages of documents. As the mother played leap frog, form one agency to another, I kept writing letters, one after another. Shortly after the birth, on 08-09-1999, besides writing letters, started filing motions/petitions.

  Call is sound speculation, assuming Children & Youth did a back ground check on me, my campaign of writing letters has been non-stop for over fifteen years. (Prior to the pregnancy I was focusing my attention on prison reform and also union reform. Click Here to read one editorial I had published in 1997.)

  Children & Youth are cloaked in multiple layers of confidentiality. They either had possession of, or had knowledge of, many, if not most of the letters I had written since 12-15-1999 in regards to the pregnancy. (Not counting copies of court papers I filed.)

  Children & Youth knew this was one private adoption that did not go as planned. Too many mistakes made. Too many documents generated that, if combined in one area, open for public review, the weight this would be very hard for them to explain.

  Most of the dirt, so to speak, was inside their loop of control. (Example, one doctor, Mr. Clark, was not apprised of the matter. During one meeting I had with him at his office, he was given copies of certain documents and became puzzled, asking: "Does Children & Youth have copies of these?" )

  What happened during the hearing of 05-29-2001 will be covered in a different section. (Click Here.) For now, Dr. Clark wrote a report recommending that I get "immediate custody". (He knew of my letters and so did Children & Youth. As for his report, if things went as planned, it was never going to see the light of day. At the hearing of 05-29-2001, Judge Rufe, Solicitor Jackman, and the rest of the crew that were present at the hearing, played dumb in that Dr. Clark's report was not submitted to the court and entered as evidence and, therefore, claimed they had no idea what he recommended.

  So, what to do? After the fiasco of 05-29-2001, using a layman's phrase, I went balls to the wall determined to get some sunlight to shine on the matter. No doubt Children & Youth felt confident that they had control and kept incriminating material inside their loop. That is when I wrote an e-mail to the Bucks County Commissioners and sent over 65 copies of same to various news reporters. This is not counting other letters I was writing to other agencies.

Summary, Part Two

  I guess the first hint of trouble, for Children & Youth, was that the dirt was leaking out. What to do? Another hearing was scheduled for 08-03-2001. Timely notification was given that I was to get "custody". What happened? A few days later I received a phone call from Jodi Hertzberg who claimed, via voice message, that the hearing was cancelled and gave no re-scheduling date. I called asking that I needed something to that effect in writing. No response. I called again asking for something in writing. She refused.

  What was the plan? I received written notice that a hearing was scheduled. Then a verbal cancellation with no paper trail. It seems they hoped I would not show up, so everyone could play dumb and state for the record that I was timely notified but didn't bother to attend. But I did show up at the courthouse that day. Shortly before the hearing, I stopped off at Dr. Strochak's office (he did the first "evaluation", who was suppose to do another), and I gave him a copy of the letter sent to the Commissioners.

  Side Note: Two judges have been involved in my custody case. Starting on 02-23-2000, Judge Biehn was involved. A few weeks later I sent a complaint to the Department Of Justice in Washington charging that he was involved in a child abduction scheme. A few months later, at the next hearing, a new judge was assigned, Judge Cynthia Rufe, who then presided over the case from then on, except, her last appearance was on 08-03-2001. All of a sudden when it came to the sneak attack on 09-14-2001, Judge Biehn was back on board. What a happened to Judge Rufe? Voluntary recusal?

  As for sanitizing the record, Attorney Jackman could not have me there, at a hearing, to provide input. Judge Biehn was now assigned. Was he in the dark as well? It seems Mr. Jackman wanted to play dumb that, all of a sudden, my letters became an issue. (Click Here for additional summary.)

Petition Documents

  There are several more pages to this story. The next page will show the two page fax I received on 09-13-2001. (The above noted additional summary has the report of what happened.)

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