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  The above picture, recently taken, is the meeting hall of Teamsters Local 401, having headquarters in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. It was provided by Jim M. Please look at the flag. Finally.

  It was back in 1997, during a monthly union meeting, I mentioned to the executive board that they didn't have the proper flag on display. At that time I also faxed them information about the flag. They had an old, fringed flag hanging on a pole in the left corner. (You can still see the pole in the picture.) Also, they were not raising the flag outside on the flag pole. My pleas about the fringed flag, at that time, were not taken seriously but they started raising the flag outside shortly after my plea. Near the front of the building there is a nice enclosed area surrounding the flag pole.

  Teamsters have a slogan, "Fighting For The Future". Now, with the Flag Of Peace on display, such a goal has taken an important step. Casting off the fringe, I consider, is an act of defiance, that, at least, brings honor to all those who lost their lives in the struggle to obtain fairness and equity for the working class. The Flag Of Peace? Maybe it should be viewed as the worker's flag.

  Note: At the beginning of each meeting, those attending stand, face the flag and recite the Pledge Of Allegiance. Finally, they can make a pledge to peace and the dedication to preserve what so many never had a chance to embrace. Click Here to view the memorial of the Lattimer Massacre.



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Updated: 03-11-2002