The 350 Club, Plus 1

  Short summary for now.

  Pick up your phone book, turn to the yellow pages, and count how many Christian "churches" there are in your area. How many?

  At last count, within the "United States", there are over 350 different sects and denominations all claiming as "truth" and equal amount of controversy.

  Look at unions or restaurants, for example. As for restaurants, hundreds of different names, different building designs, various items on the menu, all having a catchy jingle, slogan or color scheme. Yet as for restaurants, unions or churches, what is the common thread, or underlying property?

  For one thing, if a given church applied for tax exemption status, to do so, they (people who belong) had to surrender their inherent right of freedom of religion, surrendering their personal venue, and end up with a State Church, having a "number". It makes it easy for the State to control what is being said.

  Do you realize the State Of Pennsylvania has an "official" State Church? Ever hear of it? Before I continue, the idea, more or less, originated in a strange place: Department Of Corrections. (The prison church will be posted separately. Click Here.)

  So, what is the name of the State Church? I call it:

 The Domestic Relationship Family Church.

  Where is it located? Take a guess. The creed of this church is devotion, dedication and worship of The Mary Cult. It is now compulsory, under duress, that all citizens, who bare children, are forced to join and pay membership fees and get a State ID Number.

  You see, without realizing it, the "marriage license" was a very slick invention. Once signed, you gave the State authority to indoctrinate your children into The Mary Cult. That means the biological parents are nothing more than putative foster parents to the child(-ren). You may have direct, personal contact with the child's corpus, the child's outer shell, its body, but the State has reserved all rights with the child's mind.

  While the State is busy forcing you to be a cult member, who is busy controlling the State?

  Allegation: With all due respect, places like the courthouse are infested with catholics with such agencies as The United Way lurking in every corner of government. As for Children & Youth, a feminist organization. (My main complaint with catholic ideology is that, like a prison, in a catholic utopia, people have no rights, only leave or concession to seek privilege: like thinking one has selective power, as an inmate, to decide what to pick from the prison menu.)

  Who is a dangerous person? A female, turned government employee, clutching a fist-full of catholic ideology. Add a touch of perpetual PMS and, wow, look out. For such a female, men are nothing more than society's vermin.

  At present, with limited resources, I am trying to obtain English translations of the government manuals of Nazi Germany. As allegation, the language used today within children and youth is virtually identical. Where did the Nazi government get their ideas from? The Catholic Inquisition.

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