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  In a way, this page is about numbers. My daughter is almost 2 1/2 years old. In all that time, about 880 days, I saw my daughter 14 days worth of hours. (I kept track of all the time I spent with her so far and added up all the separate bits of time I was allowed to have contact with her.) So far, like seeing her one day every two months.

  The foster mother, Carolyn Giannini, and my daughter's mother, Donna Marie Swire, I see very little difference between these two woman. Two women, having five children each and no fathers. Both of these women have done all they could to push fathers away. The exception? Carolyn had one man to deal with, the father of her five children. As for Donna, five different fathers with five different children. Another connection? Carolyn's husband is dead. One of the fathers of Donna's five children is dead also.

  On 01-21-2002, I had a meeting with a certain professional. In part, I explained all the various attempts that were made to push me out of the picture, one episode after another, such as with the court's maneuver of forging DNA testing(*) as mentioned in this site, how, after three years when this began, I am still here. His response? "Most fathers would of given up a long time ago." I failed the moment by not responding to that remark. What should of been said as reply? Did you just hear what you said? You have a system that does all in its power, means and devise to push fathers away. Its all about alienation. Those fathers that endure the gauntlet, by the time they get to the finish line, complete a race they are not allowed to win. He asked me for my opinion as to what I felt the reason why Children & Youth didn't want me to have my daughter. I replied, they are afraid of a lawsuit because this is one private adoption that got all screwed up; like I was something on their finger they couldn't shake off. First tactic is the old standby, war of attrition; making things so difficult, frustrating and expensive, that even if you do the impossible, staying in the race, then they want to say you don't have the money and have been too emotional racked by your ordeal to get custody.

  A BIG hearing is coming up soon, tentatively set for 02-12-2002. In one report I recently obtained, Carolyn, the foster mother, was listed as the "informant". (That is a powerful word.) She and/or her family were not neutral in this matter. I believe, sometime around September of 2000, from sources I had, Carolyn already sent paperwork to Children & Youth, giving notification of her intent to adopt my daughter. A snag developed around that time when my friend, Bonnie, got involved. Strategy had to be changed. If Children & Youth were forced to give me unsupervised visits, then since they had no dirt on me, allow me to have limited access with my daughter so they could invent dirt. Shortly after Bonnie's appearance on the scene that fall, by 12-09-2001, I started getting unsupervised visits. Look at reasoning. In the summer of 1999, around the time my daughter was born, an official of Luzerne County Children & Youth, Hazleton office, told me quite blunt that those in Bucks County had no intention to give me custody. (He used the phrase "it seems obvious" but the overall context of that meeting clarified the moment." A few months earlier Jamie Drob told me that Donna was making plans to give the child up for adoption at birth before relocating to Bucks County.) Why? Too many mistakes were made that would be grounds for a major lawsuit and possible criminal charges. For those people there was no turning back.

  With this knowledge, I knew that I would be walking into a mind field, esp. dealing with Carolyn. If there was an illicit love affair between Carolyn and Children & Youth, as I suspected, it was time to test the waters.

  Breaking sequence for a moment, provocation is a vital wrench in their tool box. To deliberately provoke, in a controlled setting, hoping to get a father to act emotionally, crossing their fingers he does so physically, the game is over and easy victory. Controlled provocation produces the greatest amount of benefit for the least amount of effort. Example, Carolyn, from the beginning, wasted no time, as on 07-27-2000, calling herself "momma" to my daughter in my presence as a thorn of irritation. I mentioned this to Jodi. Carolyn said it more.

  (The first time a major hand of provocation was played, was the short interim period between the first conference and DNA testing, both on the same day. These people did not want DNA testing done. I received a tip that testing was going to be forged. Contradiction? At the courthouse, while waiting to see the nurse, sitting in the third floor lobby for over 30 minutes, Ms. Fredericks also came upstairs and had to speak with the nurse in private before we entered. In short, in a manner of speaking, Connie Karasow dangled my daughter in front of me hoping to incite uncontrolled emotions. That was the first time I saw my daughter, only getting a peak here and there since much effort was made to hide the her face with a blanket. I asked to hold my daughter. I was refused. Connie's body language was very clear, as if to say, "Look Mr. Stanziola, I can hold your baby and you can't." (All this taking place with an armed security officer standing at the ready.) I considered her actions another clue they didn't want to step over a line and, as an act of desperation, commit themselves to forging evidence. If Connie would of prevailed, push me over the edge, needed excuse to rush out of the courthouse before testing could be done. Another clue? When we went into the nurse's room, I was not allowed to have a witness present but Connie insisted she act as witness. Why? So later on, having professional status, testify that she was present when testing was done, as results indicated I was not the father. (Forge the results and their headache is over.) This plan might of worked except I was warned. I immediately went to the Controllers office, obtained a copy of the contract listing the name and address of the testing company and notified them of my concerns. The story is documented on another page, Click Here.

  So, getting back to testing the waters, in regards the love affair with Carolyn and Children & Youth, since they had no dirt, it was obvious that they were giving me limited access to invent dirt. I faxed a letter to the social worker, Jodi Hertzberg, dated 03-06-2001, listing my complaints against Carolyn at that time, like calling herself "mamma" to my daughter in my presence. I also complained about Carolyn's house, indicating it was making my daughter sick. The actual test was complaining about all the junk on Carolyn's front porch. What happened? The next week, when arriving to Carolyn's home to pick up my daughter, she was still calling herself "mamma" to my daughter but two things changed. First, all the junk was removed from the porch and Carolyn started major renovations to her house, in the middle of winter, like painting, changing rugs, and destroying her one dog that was old and sickly. Coincidence? That indicated to me that Jodi told her of my complaint and for Carolyn to remove any possible implications that she was causing the problems with my daughter's sensitive asthma conditions. Carolyn mentioned that she quit her job to devote full time to my daughter.

  By the way, as for alienation, during the time when unsupervised visits started, my daughter thought my name was "The Man" at the same time, by then, calling Carolyn "mommy". How nice. Maybe a good title for a book, Mommy And The Man.

  Moral Of The Story: Too many indicators that there never was a "Plan A". At best, a diversionary maneuver to finalize "Plan B". I had prior knowledge of this bullshit. As I mentioned to Denise, the chaperon during the recent supervised visits, I told her she had a mole in her office (or at least for a while). So, getting back to Carolyn, as the "informant"? Here is another test.

  First, if someone is going to invent dirt, that takes time. People are conditioned for expediency. Too accustomed to microwaves and the express lane at McDonalds. If they invent dirt you have no control. How to gain control? Seem to hand them dirt yourself. How? Stay tuned.

  (*) At the recent meeting, I mentioned in detail all the various things done, such as forging documents and kept referring to what was on my web site. He sat there with no emotion. Yet, when mentioning that I received over 800 parking tickets within a six year period, during the time I operated my business, he reacted like his office was on fire. I thought about that for a while.

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