Father's Day 2000

First Draft

  First, a question. Are you a father? How did you spend your first Father's Day? How about the second Father's Day?

  At present, my daughter is over 2 1/2 years old. As I will explain below, I spent my first Father's Day making, when completed, a two hour video documentary. A video, for an amateur, that took many days of planning, countless hours of preparation and dedication. (My daughter was 11 months old before I held her for the first time, a month later, on 07-21-00.) Afterwards, I asked to see my daughter on her first birthday: 08-09-00. Jodi, the social worker, said "it isn't feasible at this time". A year later, I asked to see my daughter on her second birthday (during a time when I was getting unsupervised visits each weekend) Jodi's response? "Carolyn [the foster mother] already made plans."

  As for the video, it served several purposes. One, means to relieve stress. Second, to record the moment. As for emotions, a way to deal with the loss and separation.

  The last part of the video was made first, on 07-09-00. The main part was made on the 19th, Father's Day, in front of the Bucks County Court House. Gail's son, Nick, accompanied me for the ride down to Doylestown that day. Click Here for her story.

  Subject matter? (I'll be posting excerpts soon.) But for now, I explained how Father's Day should be a national day of shame. So much hype from bureaucrats that they are so concerned. Copies of the tape were mailed to as many as my budget could handle at that time. Bucks County Commissioners, Bucks County Children & Youth, several State Representatives, several television stations, newspapers and a few more.

  As I mentioned, I am an amateur making videos. Trial and error was the course. How to add the sequences and so on. More important, what to say? How to do so many things like over dubbing. Enhancing the final draft without the use of professional editing equipment is a challenge.

  Emotions were a setback. Clouds the work. But at that time it was so hard to suppress the sense of helplessness and loss. So much happened those first 18 months. So many obstacles, such as the arrogance of those I was dealing with. I also realized the obstacles were just beginning.

  The pictures below were taken with a video capture card, freeze-frame shots of the VCR tape.


First Segment

First Segment

Second Segment

Third Segment

Fourth Segment

Final Segment


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